Will I Wait For You?

Will I wait for you?...
Why Wally Kestler you ought to be
Ashamed of yourself
I've given you the best years of my life
I've stood here through it all
Through short and fat and tall
Through thick and thin and rain and snow and ice
And now you're questioning my integrity
Is that any way to treat your future wife

Doesn't morning wait for the sun to rise
Like a birthday waits for a big surprise
Like a baby waits for a diaper change
Doesn't laughter wait for a joke that's good
Like the big bad wolf for Red Riding Hood
Like a cowboy waits to be home on the range
After all I've said and all I've done
To prove my love is true
And now you ask if I'll wait for you
Doesn't mother wait for the bread to rise
Like a burger waits for an order of fries
Like a chicken waits for the egg to hatch
Didn't Alice wait for a Wonderland
Like Captain Hook did for Peter Pan
Like the alphabet waited for the letter Z
Like a faithful girl waits for her missionary