The Poetry of Luigi

I started writing poetry back in 11th grade and stopped completely after about 7 years. I wrote several hundred but I only really liked about a dozen or so. Here are some of my favorites.
An Ode for a Someone, Written by a No One
I absolutely love this title! The title conveys so much that it's like a haiku by itself. The No One is the poet, and the Someone is a girl who broke up with him. I always liked the way that she hurt him but he still considered her the Someone and himself the No One. This one was published in some national poetry anthology & it's one of my favorites. I like the effect of the minor rhyme of "dust" and "fuss."
Cold Death Fear Gonna Get Ya
One of my more "modern" poems. Note the stylistic influences from Jim Morrison (his poetry, not his Doors lyrics) and Allen Ginsberg's work (most notably his famous poem Howl).
Empty Lightbulb and Untied Shoe
This one has a modern feel to it along with a kind of end of the world gloom.
Last Letter To Grandpa
This one is probably my favorite. I wrote it about my grandfather a few weeks after he died during my sophomore year at Drexel. The part about being buried on his birthday and not having a chance to mail his card are all true.
Magenta Sunrise
There is something dark about this poem, yet at the same time hopeful. As though something horrible has happened and yet we shall still gather round together to celebrate the chance that things will get better.
On The Waves of Madness & Mystery
I'm not going to offer an explanation for this one as I think it works better if you leave it with your own view. Another "modern" one. I like the imagery & flow.
Written several years before I ever went to Paris, but at the time I figured Paris was as good a place as any to drink coffee. The whole poem revolves around the cold coffee. The poet's talking to this girl across the table and he's enjoying the moment so much that he forgets to drink his coffee and it gets cold. I always felt that there was something both absurd and beautiful about that.
Summers, 8 Years Old
Sometimes I couldn't sleep when I was young & I would stand & look out the window for a while. This poem comments on that experience.
Thursday Nite Jazz
Wrote this after my roommate Eric & I went to a jazz concert at Drexel. Always liked the "jazzy" rhythm that it had. A little more rhyming than I usually use, but I thought it fit well.
Twin Berries
An interesting stream of consciousness one that has more imagery than real meaning, but I still like the way it reads.
Vision of a Mountaintop
I have no idea what inspired me to write this, but it's about mountains and continental drift (a noble topic, indeed!). It's included here because I like the imagery of the mountains sweating as they work, but it's all worthwhile because, in the end, it gives us humans a place to stand and be on top of the world.
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