Butt Prints in the Sand

Top Ten Questions George W. Bush Asked President Clinton

10. "What's the name of that big building shaped like a pentagon?"

9. "Where do you want me to forward your subpoenas?"

8. "Can I buy your '92 inaugural speech from you?"

7. "Who does a guy have to execute to get a drink around here?"

6. "Lemme get this straight -- you won an election without a brother as governor?"

5. "How can I tell Cheney to start wearing a shirt to meetings without hurting his feelings?"

4. "Dude, where's my car?"

3. "In that movie 'Independence Day' did the Martians really blow up the White House?"

2. "Do you think the young lady could stop that until we're finished talking?"

1. "Which one of these is the Bat-Phone?"

As presented on the December 20, 2000 broadcast of The Late Show with David Letterman