This office suite is extremely comparable to and largely compatible with Microsoft Office. 1.1 allows people to export to PDF and to SWF (flash for presentations.) This is open source software so there is no corporation to lock you in. It's 100% free for you and your friends.

Mozilla Firefox

My friend first introduced me to a tabbed browser with Opera. This is nice yet Opera charges and does not render the sites quite right. Mozilla Firefox by default blocks pop ups, you have to allow sites explicitly. This is a feature for using in and of itself. There different themes are nice to break up the surfing monotony. This is a must have browser! It's open source and free as well.

Mozilla Thunderbird

This is a great mail client. I'm not familiar with mail clients other than mutt so I'll just leave it at that.

The Gimp

The Gimp was used to create all of the graphics on this page in addition to the graphics on the web page of Arel Cordero. I'm not quite sure how to use the 1.3 Gimp fonts. The following packages are for its installation on windows.