Command Description
ctrl-a Move cursor to beginning of line
ctrl-b Move cursor one space to the left
ctrl-c Kill the current process
ctrl-d When there is a character delete character under cursor
ctrl-d When there are no characters, the same as typing exit
ctrl-e Move cursor to the end of line
ctrl-f Move cursor one space to the right
ctrl-h Delete the charater to the right of the cursor (backspace)
ctrl-i Same as tab line completion
ctrl-j Same as pressing enter
ctrl-k Kill (cut) from the cursor until the end of the line
ctrl-l Clear the screen
ctrl-n Goes to the next command in bash history.
ctrl-p Goes to the previous command in bash history.
ctrl-t Transposes the current character and the character to the right.
ctrl-y Yank (paste) the text that was last killed (cut). Insert text to the current character location